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Confetti Ringsilver - Blue


With the motto: "There is always - always - something to celebrate in life," we have created our Confetti collection. Celebrating life with a focus on all the good things, we warmly welcome the many new additions. The festive collection has been given a new, cool and colorful boost. It's the perfect symbolic gift for a memorable day, or a reminder to ourselves to keep a positive focus.

The beautiful Confetti rings add delicious, timeless colors and create an exclusive look. The ring is available in 3 gorgeous color combinations that tone-in-tone create a beautiful and elegant play of colors.

Materials: Sterling silver, 50% recycled materials, enamel

Surface: Shiny

Height: 5,5 mm

Jewelry from LULU Copenhagen is always nickel-free.

Please notice, that our enamel colors are mixed by hand, which can create a slightly variation in the individual production. At the same time, the screen resolution and color settings on digital devices can cause the colors in the pictures to appear different from the actual colors used.

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