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Find your ring size

To find your ring size, measure the internal diameter of one of your favourite rings in mm.
Once you have measured the internal diameter of your ring, you can locate your ring size in the chart below.

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Internal Diameter in mm Europa UK USA
14,6 mm 46 G 1/2 3 1/2
15,3 mm 48 I 1/2 4 1/2
15,9 mm 50 K 5
16,5 mm 52 L 1/2 6
17,3 mm 54 N 7
17,5 mm 55 O 7
17,8 mm 56 P 7 1/2
18,2 mm 57 P 1/2 8
18,5 mm 58 Q 1/2 8 1/2
19,1 mm 60 S 9

LULU Copenhagen’s size guide is an overall guide, and the measurements can therefore vary according to person and the chosen style.

Not all styles have the same shape, so even if you find your ring size, it can be affected by the design and the thickness of the material in the ring. Which means you will have to go either up or down in size.
Please use this guide as an overall reference for your choice of size.

For further advice and help to finding the right size, please contact our costumer service.