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Less Is Enough

Dear you.

Stop buying things you don't need.
The earth can't keep up with the speed of fashion, and you know it!
Re-use your things.
Mix them. Match them. Make some magic.
Wear them one more season.
And what are seasons anyway?
It's YOU who decide what's fashion - not us! 
So take the power back!
Stop demanding new styles every week.
Stop buying stuff only for Instagram.
Stop yourself and ask the question:
Do I really want this new fashion item?

Less Is Enough

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We stand by our statement

We are a jewellery company selling stuff that you basically don't need. Not to survive anyway. So how can we say and believe and make a business build on this statement?

Well it is 100%true that you can live without jewellery. You can live without a lot of things that we surround ourselves with. But it doesn't mean that we will stop transporting people around the world, stop using clothes or stop using theinternet. It means that we all need to become more conscious consumers. We need to think harder every time we buy stuff. We need to look into sustainability and become better to recycle and to buy with our future earth in mind.

We design jewellery because that's our business. That's what we are good at. We need to do what we can to live up to a better future, but we also want you who buy fashion to take on a bigger responsibility.

This is why we ask you to ask yourself a question every time you buy a fashion item: Do I really, really want this fashion item? Do I wanna love it and use it again and again, or do I buy it just because it's on sale? Or to wear it just once? One ear stud can add just as much to your look as a pair and maybe you already own or are able to borrow a necklace that fits with your new pendant?

If you now, after you've read our statement, sits back with a feeling saying: "Well I don't really need this new thing in my basket, I'll use the jewellery that I already own another season!" ... well, then we'll be both happy and proud, because sometimes Less Is Enough.

An earring, a box, a good idea

We sometimes get questions about why we pack each earring in its own box and whether we think it's a waste of resources?
We understand that it can seem overwhelming to open a nice, sturdy box and find one little earring inside. But there are actually a lot of good reasons why we've chosen to do it this way. Overall, we provide the opportunity to save natural resources, but we also provide the opportunity to extend the life of products.

Candy Shop earrings

The possibility to choose

The whole reason we sell our earrings individually is to give our customers the option of buying just one earring - instead of two of the same kind. Many people today want to mix up their look, and therefore want the option to buy just one new earring for their own collection. Therefore, we do not want to sell in pairs and force someone to buy more than they need. If you want a pair, you can always ask to have the earrings put in one box - or none at all - if you buy them from our retailers.

Long durability

The boxes in which we deliver the earrings are important for the durability of the product. The box is not a one-use product to be thrown away after purchase. Storing your jewellery away from sunlight, oxygen, moisture, heat etc. extends its life. Therefore, boxes are an important part of our products. Moreover, they are made of cardboard for recycling - and not of plastic. The box is made of good quality. It is durable, so you can take it with you in your bag if you feel like changing your jewellery during the day.

Less extra packaging

There is around each box of our Candy Shop earrings a sleeve - also made of cardboard. The sleeve shows what the box contains and all product info. The sleeve also has barcodes, which means shops don't need extra labelling such as plastic and stickers.

Same box

We use one size for all our earrings, and sometimes there's too much room for a small earring, whereas they other times can fit just right. But the truth is, we have earrings in many sizes. Our Candy Shop earrings measure between 1.2cm - 7cm. We see the advantage of using the same box size in optimising raw materials in production, but also in packaging when we distribute more widely around the world. Here we can more easily utilise the entire parcel box. In addition, we can also produce just one display so that we can show and easily tell the story of our universe.

Selection & deselection

We very much hope you agree with our considerations on packaging use. Remember that in our web shop you have the option to click all boxes from your jewellery purchase - with the exception of our pre-packaged Candy Shop earrings. For each set of hoops, bracelets etc. a gift box will be linked to your shopping cart. You can deselect it if you don't need it. If you buy your LULU earrings from our physical retailers, you have the option to deselect the boxes altogether and the store can use the boxes for our other items. However, please be aware of the individual retailer's return policy if it is for a gift. Thank you very much for your interest in packaging, and thank you for reading.

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Our Jewellery display system is made of steel. There are 19 different elements to display the many different types of Jewellery. We have chosen to produce locally in Denmark - more specifically in Jutland - both because of the high manufacturing quality, but also to save the climate from unnecessary pollution through a long transportion.

We produce our jewellery together with a Danish production consultant at a workshop outside Hong Kong, China.

From good to great

We are working closely together with Force Technology who are representing the Danish National Assay Office to ensure the pureness of the silver, gold and ruthenium used in our products. 
The LULU monogram stamp that appears on most of our jewellery is our visual guarantee for by law regulated high quality.

The Sterling Silver 925 stamp is a certification stamp provided by our manufactures for guarantees of genuine materials.

We create with a long lasting quality in mind - both in timeless design and high quality materials and finish. This is because we don't believe in short lasting fashion trends that you'll only wear one season.

Our web servers run on wind powered turbines, meaning that the energy spent on your visit there is 100 % renewable. Our web shop runs on Google Cloud which is 100% carbon neutral matched by renewable energy.

The factory producing our jewellery is following the SMETA auditing program (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit).

This in order to ensure that the factory comply with all social responsibility such as:

- That no child labor is being used.

- Force labor is not taking place.

- The workers living standards are complying to the local law requirements.

- Working environment and fire protection are complying the local law requirements.

The factory supply the workers with:

- 3 free meals each day ( requirement by law is 1 free meal / day).

- Dormitory free of charge.

- Strictly controlled working hours (In case of overtime – the extra hours will be paid according to the local regulations.).

- Annual training in safety rules in order to create safety mindset and knowledge.

- A company trip to all workers once a year ( normally only big companies are offering company trips for workers).

Environmental controlling is being controlled by the government four times a year:

- Gas- and water leaking.

- Secure no hazard chemical / water leaking to the environment.

But there's also areas where we can do even better:

We can work even harder on turning even more of our freight, postal and parcelshipping green.

We can demand even more of our packaging and wrappings into organic, biodynamic, recycled or other eco-friendly materials and production techniques to become even cleaner and more eco-friendly.

Best regards from the LULU team.