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Lots of colours

It's no secret that LULU loves colour. We work with lots of materials such as sterling silver 925, brass, 18 carat gold plating and lots of stones, pearls and the many hand-painted enamel colours.

Candy Shop earrings

Create your own personal style

In 2016, Anja and Rasmus started questioning earrings sold in sets. Are you being limited by buying sets, when in reality you dream of different earrings for your 5 ear holes?

The Candy Shop was born and it became possible to buy ear studs individually so you can mix and match your own personal jewellery combination. Today, it is LULU's most popular and strongest concept with around 250 different styles to choose from.

Endless possibilities

One earring at a time

Our Candy Shop concept consists of our most successful jewellery. The earrings are sold individually, so you can mix and match with the jewellery you already have. The Candy Shop consists of 250 different styles, giving you the opportunity to create your own personalised combinations.